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    Made some progress on the build i got the y axis hooked up to the lead screw but that was about it.

    Also found all is not what it seems with my BK12 fixed end blocks i brought as part of a kit off ebay
    no angular contact bearings here just plain old 6001z's

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    After many emails with the ebay seller I was given 6 angular contact bearings for the BK12 blocks,
    That should be a lesson for anyone buying BK blocks always ask the seller what bearings there fitted
    with before you buy !!

    Today i got around to fitting the lead screw for the z axis, i made the bearing holder and fitted it with a
    3200-2rs that should take care of any axial load..I have also fitted a nut with grub screw to add preload

    I decided to go belt drive so i can mount the stepper and not have it sticking up in the air.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK well screw the draw slide idea this is my current build ...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Much better way to go, just need to do the same on the Z axis now. How you driving the X & Y axis?


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    Y axis will be driven by 1605 ballscrew and since its a 2 motor x axis ill drive it with 16mm trapezoidal thread since i have a meter spare and, im going try the z axis first before i make any changes see if it holds up to cutting wood. I did the layout like i did because i can make cuts 800 high and 400 wide just in case i wanted to make letters for signs or make one very long sign with this design there's no limit to sign length just height.

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    Coming along, its been noted before about the bearings being less than what they should be.

    If anyone needs some these are really nice:

    Ignore the pic as what turns up are very nice high quality bearings.

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