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    Ok so I am looking at purchasing a cnc machine Inc software and trying to figure out if outlay and maintenance are justified on savings.

    Usage: wood cutting only

    Cutting area- will be cutting 8x4 sheets

    Materials: plywood and mdf boards at a maximum of 25mm

    I will require on site training as well. We will be cutting all shapes

    Things I cant seem to get my head around:

    Do I need 3, 4 or 5 axis?

    Cutting time: average cutting time on one board?

    Vac system: do I need this? Can this be done manually after each board has been cut?

    Tooling- what tooling will I require? It is only cutting shapes, no engraving, nothing really complex, curved circular lines at the most.

    I'm a complete novice in terms of cnc and would appreciate any help or advice. Budget for this ideally only want to spend for what I need.

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    Dave Welcome to the forum there are guys on here that could make you one if you so needed.

    You would need just a 3 axis machine and you seem to know what you are looking for which is always a good sign

    I have sent you a PM.
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