Hi All,

This is the start of what I hope to be a pretty good first CNC router. My aim is to build a router that will mostly to 2D work with material priority to aluminium,1.6-3mm steel and wood in that order. I'v done a bit of reading around here and a few other places so hopefully I'm on the right track. It is smaller than I would like but I cant quite justify the outlay without a bit of proof of concept.

The design is largely based around materials I have on hand, However I'm happy to be guided to another direction if I'm way off.

Drawings are very preliminary as are my fusion skills. That said there are a lot of detail not in the models I didn't want to get to far into it without some idea I'm not way off the mark. I haven't even started on Z axis yet. I plan to use the epoxy trick to get some good flatness.

Here we go, The Details.

Cutting area- X 600 Y 800 Z 150
All linear rails 25mm
Ball screws 2510
spindle 2-3Kw

Gantry 150x50x3mm RHS with 12mm plate welded
Frame 89x3mm SHS

Electronics, Here is where I get lost

I'm leaning towards the AXBB-E breakout board.
Steppers and drivers I am inclined to look for something cheap at this stage with the thought to upgrade later. NEMA 23 4Nm

That's about as far as I've gotten so far. CAD screenshots below, if something looks wrong or doesn't make sense please let me know. My main question Is Does the basic structure look sound enough to progress with the design. What am I missing?

Thanks for stopping by.

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