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    Nice, thanks for clarification ;)

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    As Tom says, these are just flat belts (polypropylene webbed belts to be precise) which are acting as shields... due to the compact nature required in my case, bellows etc would just have wasted work area which is why I'm trying to be a bit more creative with shielding/sealing.

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    Heh. This thread continues to impress... Excellent.

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    So got a chance to make the new belt guides today.or simplicity I just 3D printed the bodies in my XT-CF20 - in this new design they don't take any real force as they are supported by the gantry arms so no need for anything stronger. Had some Acetal rod which I used this time for the rollers.

    Making the rollers on the lathe

    3mm axle rod, printed body, turned roller:

    Wash, rinse, repeat:

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    Interesting design feature. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
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    Just a question:
    Did you measure how flat the milled Misumi extrusions are?

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    after a year or more of not being able to see the pictures on your thread for some reason I think due to something with our internet connection they have suddenly started working! The machine looks fantastic and a huge amount of progress since I saw those few bits sitting on your floor way back! would love to come take a look again sometime, the anodising setup looks like the icing on the cake!

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    Thats one of the most beautifull designs i have come across as it comes to a diy project.
    waiting to see how the final asembly will look like and how its moves/cuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeflyboy View Post
    I just 3D printed the bodies in my XT-CF20
    Great work, what 3d printer are you using?
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    Since my last post your roller idea/design has been playing on my mind, I really enjoyed seeing your innovation on this and what you had come up with, that has led me to thinking about it more and wanting to share my thoughts with you, obviously it's up to you if you implement something or not but here goes!

    What about if you added a spring to the rollers, milled a slot along their length, then took some thin copper sheet and made some finals for the ends of the belt, so cut to size, fold over and crimp to the belt ends, this strip of copper could then be a sung sliding fit into the recess/slot you made on the rollers, so it would be spring loaded, under tension and want to roll itself back up.

    Then you wouldn't need to run the belt through the gantry and would end up using less belt.

    Think of a roller blind on a house window, without the draw cord of course.

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