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    Looking to purchase some new BT30 tool holders with minimal runout for a reasonable price. (not collet type)

    Can anyone recommend a decent supplier?

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    We may be able to recommend supplier of these items - is there any more information you can provide in terms of volumes and sizes required?



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    Hi Steve, We are just after a couple for the moment 6 & 10mm. (Low speed)
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    OK great, our company operates a free sourcing service where we can match relevant suppliers to your enquiry. To do this we would require the following information.

    Date items required
    Delivery Location
    Email Address
    Any additional information that may be helpful to a supplier.

    Please feel welcome to email this information to my via enquiries@applegate.co.uk if you would prefer.

    Kind regards


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    There are a couple of companies here who can help
    There are means of contacting all of the suppliers in one hit by usign the 'request a quote' function


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    Thanks for the PM Steve but I was looking to see if any members had purchased a similar item and if they were happy with the supplier and end product.

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    I bought a load of collet type from wnt tools, but they also sell the side lock style. Good quality and reasonably priced. You could also try cutwel tools

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    Cheers James, thank you!

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    No problem, as I mentioned I'm sure anybody listed on the links provided would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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