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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeflyboy View Post
    looks pretty good in the video

    I found the cutters that came with the machine fairly crap btw

    Thus why I did not bother with them :p
    Ordering a few off shop-apt tonight. Hopefully they will come Wednesday.
    Will still try the 6mm they gave us. Worth it.

    The only problem with the video was the cooling, which I expected because the compressor was low.

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    This is the latest result.
    Forgot to mention that I am not doing a finishing pass yet.

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    Cut my product's case rear end.

    Not perfect. Some work to do on the CAM but in terms of output it is great.

    Really do need a chamfer bit...

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    So I started playing with the 6mm that was included. Worked well at first.
    Was getting some nice test cuts with it so decided to give it ago milling out my case.

    Working well for a good 45 mins. I had the feed rate at 200% as my stock settings was making quite a fine chip.
    Having it at 200% made a much nicer chip that flew straight off.

    It got to about 2/3s the way down the 15mm bit of aluminium and the sound frequency changed.
    Went to check it out and I went to pause it but suddenly the bit started to get hot so the chips welded onto the bit.


    Obviously can't go that fast when the ali has warmed up and you are doing 2mm cuts.

    Was only air cooling though. I found water kept clogging up the chips and well I don't have any proper coolant system or liquid...

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    WD40 is good, a squirt every now and then or buy a mist system on ebay (10 ish) and you'll be good to go...

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    If you are getting fine chips or dust, rather than upping your feed consider dropping your rpm to keep the material removal rate at a reasonable level... it will help control the heat production and reduce issues with tool deflection/chatter when compared to ramping up the feed rate. You need quite a rigid machine to get away with the high feed rates associated with faster rpm.

    Bear in mind of course that these spindles don't really like much below 12k rpm for sustained periods. Coolant allows you to sustain a higher removal rate than dry cutting of course, but it isn't absolutely vital for good results it just makes dialing in those feeds/speeds a bit more critical. Chips do look better in that pic above.

    This is where single flute give an advantage as you are effectively running at half the rpm vs a comparable 2 flute bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    WD40 is good, a squirt every now and then or buy a mist system on ebay (10 ish) and you'll be good to go...

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    I actually found some draper cutting oil the other day that works better than wd40 imo (doesn't smell as bad when it evaporates off a hot tool either!)

    It's a good temporary solution to no coolant I reckon!

    Mist system is the better long term solution though, you already have the compressor so it's not difficult to set one up from there.
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    I didn't think to turn the rpm down... Make sense :p

    This is what i got in terms of mister.

    Though it it either just air or a fire hose...

    Got the three flute with the bobbled edges coming tomorrow.
    So will get to try that out with the lower rpm on the two flute.
    No single flutes for at least two weeks :/

    Wonder if the Banggood ones are worth trying. Might have some in their EU warehouse.
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    A mister unit will usually have two feeds going into it, an air line and a coolant line, and will have needle valves on both to vary the mix. They are generally designed to work on venturi but you are better off providing a pressurised coolant flow to them - you'll get bigger droplets rather than a pervasive fog.

    I see yours looks to have a hose in the back for coolant but I see no second valve for controlling the flow, only a single valve which I assume is controlling the air flow.

    this is the type I'm using
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    This one had a shitty one on the air feed.
    Took it off as i have variable regulator on the compressor.

    Going to look on eBay for a water tank with pressure feed inlet.
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