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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    Sticking my neck out a bit here.
    Seems strange that you have a Z5 then a Z4.6 (I would expect this to be -ve value) I see you have tool length comp on with the G43 Z15. H2 is this correct in your tool table

    errrrr You have lost me I am afraid... xD

    Also getting this line down one side of my part. Pretty deep and you can see that reflect in the chamfer on top of the part.
    You might think that it is because the contour starts or stops here, but it doesn't...
    Any ideas?

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    Great. Now I am getting "Is the Xpod inserted OK?" all the time. Can't continue the job as it lost Y position....

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    Wont even drill now without producing that error :(

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    I am also trying to work out how to add outputs to this USB controller card.

    Are the outputs the same, as in pin 1 is OUT1 on the card?
    Is it pull high or low too?

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    Not sure what is going on but it keep losing X machine cords.

    My operation has tool changes, I change the tool and set it off the work piece.
    I hit run and it slowly goes back to where it stopped the contour or chamfer and then it fucks off somewhere, sometimes crashing the machine...

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    No idea about electrics, not my thing.

    But tool changes. Share a bit of your g-code where it happens.

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    Got in contact with Mach and they suggest that it is me moving the axis while it is waiting to start the next operation.
    No idea why it would move the machine cords but Reddit also agrees that Mach3 does not like to move mid Gcode...

    Switched back to splitting my code into multiple files for each tool. Worked fine. Doesn't add time, does increase the possibility of me picking the wrong file though xD

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    Not sure if it's the same problem, but something like this happens with the CSMIO motion controllers when you do a tool-change invoiving a touch-off operation - it just gets confused. Fortunately, the answer in that case is to "upgrade" to a slightly earlier version of Mach3. I'm now running .028 (from memory) and that works absolutely fine. M6 tool-changes with touch-off tool setting aren't a problem.

    Not sure if you are seeing the same or closely-related problem, but might be worth looking at. Life is easier if you don't have to switch files!

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    Busy week.
    Would have been quicker if it wasn't so cold...
    Another 2 operations to do in each side and then tumbling and anodising.

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    Because it's not part of the program. It's a little bit like you going for a walk in dense forest, you know where you are because you have a map, but then someone blind folds you and dumps you in a different position with no reference where you have come from.... you are then lost.

    Some controllers will let you move out of position and others wont, it's highly controller dependent.

    The normal thing to do is program a tool change position.


    Z 50.
    X-100. Y100. (or were you want to tool to go for a safe tool change position)
    Then a program suspend or stop.

    Change tool... resume program.

    But as we don't know what you procedure is, its hard to know exactly what you are doing.

    Again it's not working as you think it should, but the controller is not the problem in this case.

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