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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    Sticking my neck out a bit here.
    Seems strange that you have a Z5 then a Z4.6 (I would expect this to be -ve value) I see you have tool length comp on with the G43 Z15. H2 is this correct in your tool table

    errrrr You have lost me I am afraid... xD

    Also getting this line down one side of my part. Pretty deep and you can see that reflect in the chamfer on top of the part.
    You might think that it is because the contour starts or stops here, but it doesn't...
    Any ideas?

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    Great. Now I am getting "Is the Xpod inserted OK?" all the time. Can't continue the job as it lost Y position....
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    Wont even drill now without producing that error :(
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    I am also trying to work out how to add outputs to this USB controller card.

    Are the outputs the same, as in pin 1 is OUT1 on the card?
    Is it pull high or low too?
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