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    Hi,there Boyan i would like to know if this AKZ250 Mach3 USB Motion Card can be connected with the Nowforever VFD 400HZ i have and drive the 3x (57HD5401-14S) stepper motors that came with machine or do I need 3 similar to these DM542A stepping stepper motor drivers per motor and if I can go with this setup what stepper motor drivers would be best for running the 3A ones I have? thank you

    ***[The Stepper Motor Info is:
    Model: 57HD5401-14S
    1.8 deg 6.6v 3.0A N1605
    17kg/cm=1.6671305 Nm]

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    You need separate drives for the motor. About the card, maybe read the manual:

    I am not very excited from Chinese motion control and mach3 combo

    Why not go the EU way and ? Good board and software, support, etc. Combine it with cheap drives and voilaa
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    Hi,thanks for the reply back, greatly Appreciated:

    I was watching this you tube video and the guy is showing that this AKZ250 Mach3 USB Motion Card works with Mach3 and has cheap drives attached for the stepper motors and thats what i was planning on buying and using, but if I buy the UC300ETH-5LPT Ethernet motion controller and UCCNC software from the site you linked, I would need Ethernet connection or wireless will do and will that cause any problems with Mach3 or Mach 4 timing and is that all I need plus the 4 stepper drives to get my machine going fast and smooth or do I need anything else also will these Stepper Motors I have stated below
    Model: 57HD5401-14S //1.8 deg 6.6v 3.0A N1605//17kg/cm=1.6671305 Nm] ?
    be fine with the Ethernet Board? Sorry for all the questions but since I bought my Machine I cant get to use it because of the chinease motion board and shit software with half English and Chinese language PDF

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    Schematicsman, I'm impressed at how you had the courage, confidence and competence to strip out all the crap from your machine.
    I'm thinking though that maybe your questions might be too 'hard' for forum members to answer, they certainly are for me and there's a limit
    to how much members can know about various systems.
    You wouldn't want anyone just guessing or making a stab in the dark at an answer that might cause you grief or money wasted later on.
    So with that in mind, perhaps the only people who can answer your questions are the manufacturers or suppliers of the equipment.
    Can I therefore suggest an idea where your experience could benefit others just starting out ?

    Why not start a new thread where you describe how you took your machine from "shyty to mighty"
    Following a brief search of the internet you could compile a list of different hardware / software options, some have already been suggested in this thread.
    Then, using the manufacturer supplied information, describe the merits and pitfalls of each system and finish with a conclusion of the best performance for price option.
    As you say it needs to be cheap otherwise you might as well have sold the machine on ebay and bought something that works right out of the box, but
    where's the fun in that ?

    Hope that helps.
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    Too hard ? I thought it might be.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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