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    Wiring no workee
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  2. is it the same as this? that i got from ebay.


    If so i can take some pictures of the wiring for you?
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    It looks remarkably similar!

    The one I have is an Axminster C2 ....

    All info is welcome - so if it's not too much hassle, photos would be great.

    Once I know which are the AC mains in connections (there's a veritable plethora of switching going on!) ...and the DC out, then I'm off to a good start, but at the minute I can't trust a thing - wouldn't want to connect AC mains across the outputs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HankMcSpank View Post

    block 1 has six connections
    below each connector has some ID written on the PCB as follows
    Connectors 1 & 2 ....."Gang" (possibly a ground connecton?)
    Connector 3 ....."L1"
    Connector 4 ..... "L2"
    Connector 5 ......"A+"
    Connector 6 ......"A-" (thesetwo look suspiscously like theycould be the DC outs to the motor)

    Ok, now Connector Block 2
    Connector 1 ......"K1"
    Connector 2 ......"K2"
    Connector 3 ...."P1"
    Connector 4 ...."P2"
    Connector 5 ...."P3" these P1-P3 seem to go to the speed control pot & match up with the wiring diagram, so these ones at least are solved!
    Connector 6 ....."P4"
    Connector 7 ....."P5"
    Connector 8 ....."P8"

    There is one little connector block with just two connections at the other end of the board (near the Output thyristors) connector is labelled K1 & the other K2.

    These machines share common wiring between machines.

    L1 and L2 are mains
    A+ A- are the motor connections

    P1, p2, p3 are the pot

    K1, K2 Usually wire to the start switch as an inhibit so that if it trips you have to switch start off then on again to reset.

    The one I can't help with for definite is P5 and P8.
    on the X3 these have a jumper fitted.

    John S -

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    Thanks...that's actually a great start (& I had an inkling that was the case), what threw me is the reference to L1 & L2 on this wiring diagram in the manual (which you'll see has a different number of connections on it to my board anyway!)...L1 & L2 look to be both attributed to the DC Motoros & AC mains!

    Any idea what the top two connectors at the other end of the board (in my photos) might be for? (I'm guessing possibly a chuck guard switch?)

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    K3, K4 are estop guard switches.

    PM sent as well.
    John S -

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    Thanks to John's comments, I now have enough to be getting on with, so Gary - no need to photograph your wiring.

    Also, someone on the zone also pointed me to the wiring diagrams on the little machine shop, where I found the following wiring doagram, which at least outlines what the aformentioned connector codes are for (& this marries nicely with John's info)...

    Many thanks.

    PS What's with editing Subject headings? I corrected the typo using 'advanced edit' ...but it still shows up as minit lathe?!
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    Having had fever all week (stuff swine flu - this was much more serious - man flu), it's fortunately waned sufficiently this evening to take a closer look at my dead board.

    I think I've found the fault ...about 25% of the components on the PCB's lower surface appear to have been nuked ....

    (surprisingly...there was no inkling of those scorch marks until the board was removed from the recess)

    Not looking like such a good buy now! (but to fair the seller did say it would need a new board - but oh no, did I pay much attention - nah, I'm way too cocksure thinking I could likely fix it! ).

    I don't suppose anyone has a less knackered motor speed control board that I can buy/fix? ...this one's beyond the pale!

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    Out the frying pan & into the fire ...there's nobody holds stock of the pucka replacement (not that I[d pay eighty quid anyway), so John S pointed me to a suitable Danfoss control board.

    well, it turned up today & there are a few spade connections that aren't obvious!

    There are an awful lot of connections on it & just wondered if anyone here has a clue as to what they refer to...

    L1 & L2 I guess are mains

    two unmarked Spade connectors (I'm assuming these are the DC out)

    SP1, SP2 & SP3 I guess are the speed control pot connectors.

    INH presumably means inhibit (though it's not clear whether this is an input or output)

    A1 (two spade connectors)

    F1 (one spade connector)

    A2/F2 (two spade connectors)

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    That is a Vari-speed drive and the two terminals are for a current sense resistor to set up the drive for various size motors, a bit like resistor settings on stepper drives, pm me your e-mail address and I'll send you a pdf of the manual.



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