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    Hi Guys
    Been having some issues regarding my Combination Woodworking Machine(Spindle Motor wouldn't start) seem to have sorted it but during inspection i took the Start switch to bit's to check it out, points are goosed so would like a replacement, contacted a Robland Stockist and they want 58 + 8.50 postage for same, is this a reasonable price for what seems to be a relatively simple switch ?. I tried searching for it (Salzer T220) but cumming up short. switch is semi rotary two wires in/two out, normally open and contacts make with rotary motion and the motor starts, switch then returned to N/O position.
    If anyone knows a better description than start switch i might have some chance of finding one @ a better price.
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    Cam switch, something like.... http://www.easyflip.co.uk/CPC_Digita...gue/?page=3517 ?

    Bit confused with your description - I understand you to mean that you rotate the switch to start the motor, then the switch returns to the NO position? - spring loaded? - or - is it simply a two-position on/off switch?

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    Hi Doddy
    Yes switch is spring loaded to be normally open, rotate to start the motor, then when motor is up to speed switch returns to N/O.

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    So, a momentary cam switch....


    Though I can't quickly find a single-throw switch, you could ignore the second position.

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    Hi Mike,

    You might get some joy here http://www.kempstoncontrols.co.uk/T2...zer/sku/161939 There might be more significant information required. Dunno !

    They are probably worth talking to.


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    Thanks guys will go for the Salzer T225 as this is the original as fit,i also have one on the other side of the machine for when i am planing, and would like them both identical.

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