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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    We have Winner.. (shared with Washout)
    There actually is Fixed bearing at other end but still it's not good design and shouldn't be like that on machine costing that much money. These machines use smoke and mirrors and people need to start looking deeper to see the real truth.!
    I had intended writing an intro post first but there's so many great posts in the intro section alone as I got distracted

    Jazzcnc - I have no links with Axiom cnc machines and have never used one, but I do however want to point out that your comment about the coupler layout on this machine in question is perfectly fine and commonplace now in industry. I have seen them used on machines and automated equipment ranging from $80K, to $3.8M, and ranging from locations such as Foxconn in China, Ferrari in Italy, and onto all the large furniture manufacturers in San Francisco.

    The layout performs the same in testing as the conventional layout, is cheaper, easier to assemble, cuts down on spare part inventory, is more compact and it also cuts down on inertia. The fixed end can use either a double row bearing, or 2 pairs of angular contact bearings depending on precision required.
    The layout also has the added benefit of having to only machine one datum surface for the single end bearing assembly - a welded or bolted tab being all that is necessary on the opposite end to locate motor. Slotted holes are often used on this tab to tram in the screw parallelism in relation to the rails.

    Instead of saying ''shouldn't be like that on machine costing that much money'', you should be saying "I'm delighted to see it feature on a machine costing so little money" - whatever that cost is

    I would expect to see this layout more commonplace as time goes by as it spills from industry down into the pro user/hobby market.

    Below is just one example of the layout on an industrial cnc. There are many more that can be found too.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HOLZHER_CNC-machining_centre_PRO-MASTER_7123_320_K.jpg 
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    Just because you haven't seen something before doesn't mean its bad get up that intro post eh!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight View Post
    Just because you haven't seen something before doesn't mean its bad
    Like wise change isn't always for the better only time tells the true picture. Which I'm sure Mr Trump will learn you soon enough.!!

    Can tell you it won't be happening on any machine with my name on it.!!

    Like you I've seen industry change methods over the years, often based on cost cutting rather than improving peformance and like wise seen these new methods dropped in short order. This I'm sure will be another given time.?

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