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    And so it starts...

    As suspected, delay tactics from the supplier - they are shipping the rotary attachment separately and the DPD tracking is working on that - currently in Oldham?

    The machine however is showing fake/unrecognised tracking ref on DHL, I have asked twice for a real ref but they just send the same number and wish me a happy day :(

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    I had the same problem with mine. It was supposed to ship from Portsmouth in 3 days. When it didn't show they gave me tracking numbers that didn't work. When I pressed them they said it was 'held up by DHL Strike' but DHL had no knowledge of any strikes. When I threatened to cancel the order they admitted that it was coming from Germany. When it eventually arrived the case was split and there was minor damage to the machine. I would have told them to replace it, but I needed it urgently to make various signs and decorations for my youngest Daughter's wedding.

    As you probably saw in that thread on MadModder there were a few things needed to sort it, but it did fundamentally work, but obviously the tube and mirrors needed aligning as they all do after shipping half way round the world.

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    Yeah, i've suffered before from these types, as long as the frame is not twisted etc, i can put up with slight damage as i'll just put in a request for compo or refund - they will 99.9% of the time just buckle and give cash back as long there are photos etc.

    I know the tube will be near the end of its shelf life already and fully expect no more than 50W from the supposed 60W tube - will also be advising them of that too if the tube is the wrong length i.e. wrong power.

    You have to stand up and not bend with them and they will generally do something in return - they certainly hate bad feedback and never take the goods back.

    Still a PITA though.

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    I didn't have problems with mine, a blue and white 50w from Portsmouth.
    Arrived well packed in three days and it was still all lined up. That bit didn't bother me as i have had quite a few years lining 4Kw + lasers up.

    Small son recently, 2 months ago ordered one of the red 60W ones , again from Portsmouth and his took about 5 days to arrive but his again worked out the box.
    John S -

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    I know when I ordered my 3040, the tracking number provided didn't get recognised by the courier's website, yet the machine turned up with said courier and that tracking number.

    I think it was DHL, however it's been a few years. Have you tried putting the tracking number into one of the websites that tries to recognise the number format and identify the relevant courier?
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    Did you get your power probe - if so can you let me have the details please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewMawson View Post

    Did you get your power probe - if so can you let me have the details please ?
    Not yet - i have one of Russ' DoHICkeys on order - he will be back in the country in the next few days will send when he gets here - The Mahoney probes only seem to be available in 200W range which means most of the scale is wasted on a 50-60W machine, I also have a nice digital meter that i can use with Russ' product.

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    Any chance of a link to Russ's product please, Google is being a bit vague.
    John S -

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    Go in via the YouTube channel - SarbarMultimedia - it's Russ' channel and has some amazingly good videos on lasers etc. Then use the email/contact feature.

    He's pretty fast on the reply, just ask if he has any DoHickeys left :)

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    LOL, rotary attachment is currently in Birmingham and finally got working tracking on the machine which is currently in Bremen, Germany.

    So much for "UK Shipment, Portsmouth" :)

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