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    Yep, they are not terrible as it does cut pretty well but a quick test showed alignment to be off centre so i'll clean up and go through following Russ' Tube, M1, M2, Head, setup pattern.

    No doubt it will get worse before it gets better :)

    I did flip the lens over the right way though.

    Once thats done i'll do a focus ramp test.

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    Yes I noticed your mention of the lens before - are they asymmetrical then ?

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    yeah, flat one side and convex the other, from what i have read so far the flat side should face the work but they always put them in upside down in China :)

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    Presumably that shifts the effective place that the lens is sitting in the optic path by a bit ? Did you do before and after spot size comparisons on test burst, and if so what were the results?

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    Nah, should have probably ;)

    I'm going through the whole lot now anyway so i'll finish with a focus ramp test.

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    Sorted out a few issues :)

    Cutting ok now, just waiting for my power meter to see just how little there really is.

    Test job :)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Didn't you have fun !

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    Damn right :)

    I know a lot more now too.

    I need to modify the head mirror mount as the tension screws are binding in their holes so the angle adjusters do not work properly, the tube mounts need slotting.

    Tomorrow i'll be replacing the death-trap 'universal' sockets on the back with IEC ones - milled out a nice aluminium plate tonight to mount them in the original holes ;)

    Hopefully my power meter will arrive soon and i can prepare to be disappointed with just how little power this tube is pushing ;)

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    Nice neat socket plate with decent sockets....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also fitted a relay to the top socket so i can turn the extract on and off from the front panel :)
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  10. I've been lurking around these forums for a while now, and following this thread with interest. I have a project in mind that would require the use of a laser cutter. My initial investigations have lead me to believe that the same model of 60W cutter would be best suited to my requirements, and meagre budget!

    My main issue is that to get to my workshop, it will have to pass through a fairly narrow gate and negotiate a tight turn between two brick walls 900mm apart. The machine will have to be un-crated outside, and tipped on it's side to get it through the gap.

    To make this easier, is it possible to remove the legs under the machine, and if so what would be the dimensions with the legs removed?

    If it's not possible to remove the legs, I'll probably need to get the builders in to make some modifications to the corner, or choose a smaller model instead.

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