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    I may be slowly convincing him to replace some of the electronic components at some point. however I'm not to sure what is actually needed as I didn't do much on my own cnc. From what I gather the stuff that is in there wont run on mach 3 at the moment and will only work with nc studio that it came with, would that be correct?

    I found this video on you tube but not sure exactly how correct it is?

    What would be the best plan of action to try and make the machine a little more reliable without spending too much and barring in mind we are in Australia so getting stuff here is a lot harder/more expensive than it is in the uk.

    many thanks

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    In reality ordered money wise :

    A cheap chinese controller/ dont do that/

    offline DDCSV1 controller, i use that and am pretty happy. No mach3, no crap. Not good for specific purposes like touch probing and similar, that could be done with mach3. But for normal machine is more than enough. I mean probing an object, not touch probe for finding 0 which is fine.

    PMDX controller or CNC4PC or Pokeys57CNC / had problems with that one and my servos, many people are happy/

    UCCNC may be better solution from what i hear in forums , at least the controller. The thing is then it need breakout board

    Then CSMIO-M

    Then over 600$...

    In fact on your part in the globe your best bet will be to obtain the above said from CNC4PC maybe.
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    Charlie NC studio is load of rubbish and the Video is spot on best place for it is the bin.!!

    The Man you want to speak to in OZ for parts is Peter Homann. Probably the best (easy) solution for that machine given your friends lack of knowledge would be G540 because it'all-in one board with speed control built in and peter is very helpful with advise etc. However that would depend on the Motors to some degree.

    If want better then I'd look at Separate motion controller and decent drives. Can't stress enough that cutting corners on electrics is the worst thing can do so advise your friend to dig little deeper and do it correctly.
    I know Boyan is in love with the cheap Offline controller but IMO they are hardwork and inflexible, certainly not something new comer to CNC is likely to get grips with easily. There's Zero after sales support or Info and very little is known about them compared to other controllers like Mach3, UCCNC, Linux Cnc etc.
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    Many thanks dean yes from the first time I saw it I knew nc was going to be a headache I cant even figure were you set the mcs! its just hard getting someone to understand that sometimes your better to cut your losses and start a fresh but that's perfect and only 15mins down the road! fantastic we will get in contact!!!!
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