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    3-axis, Rhonmac R1824 (460mm x 610mm x 75mm), bench-top, router

    This 3-axis, Rhonmac R1824 (460mm by 610mm), CNC, bench-top, router machine, has a longer (75mm) Z-axis than normal and has a (MB01) spindle motor mounting bracket for a Kress spindle-motor/router with a 43mm diameter mounting hole. The machine was made by Reg Pugh Engineering (Rhonmac) in Wales and is well designed and heavily-built.

    Safety limit switches for each axis were rewired by myself (electrical engineer) using screened cable to remove spurious stops. The screened-lead cables enter the machine controller on the rear panel using coaxial plugs and sockets.

    The machine has been kept clean, well oiled (and run every month) and stored in normal household temperatures. None of the axes have ever been run into the hard stops.

    This machine performed perfectly when I used it to cut some boxes and has had very little use (see reason for selling below).

    I used EMC for Linux operating software. Personally, I found it easier to use than Mach 3. I have a disc copy of EMC software if you want one with the machine. You can download copies from linuxcnc.org.

    Kress Router ‘spindle motor’

    FME 1050 spindle motor: 1050Watts, 230volts, electronically variable speed 5,000 – 25,000 r.p.m. Used for approximately 10 hours only and in perfect condition. Mains cable included.

    Collets and cutters for the Kress

    There are 4 collets with the router plus many cutters - some are practise cutters and others high quality. Most of the practice cutters are unused and none of the quality cutters have been used. The manual for the Kress router is included.

    Rhonmac 3-axis Controller

    The Rhonmac 3-axis controller supplies 50volts for the motor control units, and contains a large heavy-duty toroidal transformer, bridge rectifier, smoothing capacitor plus a cooling fan, the stepper-motor drivers, the connection circuit boards for the emergency stop switch and safety limit switches plus the connection to the controlling computer.

    The stepper motor drivers are 'Microstep Driver' and can be individually set up, using the miniature switches along the tops (on the small red panels between the green connector blocks). They are all set up to run the motors correctly.

    The emergency stop button mounted on the front of the machine connects to the rear panel of the controller, as do the axis limit switches and the mains lead connector on the top left (cable supplied). The large multipin socket on the right of the rear panel connects to the parallel (LPT1) printer port on a desktop computer (the cable is supplied with the machine).

    Axminster vacuum unit

    This is very efficient. There is a large diameter (4-inch D) hose and some spare filter bags with it. Again, it has only been used for a little over 10 hours and performs perfectly.


    The machine has been used for approximately 10 hours to make the 5 boxes in the images The hardwood boxes have been made using elm (difficult to machine well), oak (machines well) and some old teak-like timber (the dark one, which, being oily, machines perfectly). They are all accurate, the lids fit the boxes perfectly.


    Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, England, close to the A1, around 45 minutes drive from Newcastle upon Tyne or Edinburgh.


    Contact the owner to arrange viewing. It will be run to show that it works flawlessly.

    Reason for sale

    After ordering the machine and paying for it from Rhonmac I had an accident, time in hospital and a long convalescence. It is now difficult for me to lift anything heavy or to bend over the machine while setting it up to cut.

    Please note that it needs 2 people to carry the machine and I cannot help you with that. The machine weighs a little over 90KG so bring a friend when you come to collect. The machine fitted into a small Suzuki Ignis hatchback and will fit into a small van easily. The external dimensions of the machine (to assess the size of a hatchback or small van) are around: length 990mm (including stepper motor); width 990mm (including stepper motor); height (with Z-axis lowered) 700mm (including stepper motor).


    Offers in the region of 1800.

    Added 2017-07-02:
    Many people have looked at this advert. but no-one has contacted me so I guess that it is my location which is the problem? If you are interested in the machine, controller, etc., please contact me and I'll do what I can to help with transport.

    (Please note that the Dell PC, keyboard, mouse, flat-screen monitor seen in some images are not included in the sale.)

    Note that some images of the machine were taken before the wiring was improved and the base-board fitted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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