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    Ok for all you engineers out there.

    I have two O-rings one id 6mm & 2mm cross section and another id 7mm & 1.5 cross section.

    I have a bore of 10mm and a piston 9.96mm. What size groove do I need in the piston for hydraulic dynamic use (this is for a powered draw bar) the piston will move about 7mm in the bore.
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    Information should be in there .

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    I design pressure systems up to 30ksi. For up to 15ksi, the starting point is the Parker catalogue:


    In most cases, imperial o-rings are easier to source but there is always a metric equivalent.
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    Mike & George Many thanks for the homework you have provided for me. I have found this as well https://oringcalculator.eriksgroup.com/# but I can't seem to get the answer from it. So I will sit down and bang my head against the wall for a bit
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