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    Renishaw HPMA plus RP3 Tool Setting Probe

    High-precision motorised arm

    An electrically powered arm. Rapid actuation allows in‑process tool setting and broken tool detection without the need for operator intervention.


    Never used, came from a liquidated Co.

    I have only seen one other for sale on eBay but that's in the US at 2k

    Open to reasonable offers.

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    I'll start the bidding! 150

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    Thank you Robin for your interest, early days!

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    I have some additional information which a member asked me for regarding the size of the arm.
    From the paperwork with this it appears to be a non standard model with dimensions as follows A=430 B=342 H=45


    The arm is an HPMA GMSTR A430 B342 H45
    Product = A-2181-0001

    The probe is an RP3Probe Assembly
    Product = A-2197-0004

    I couldn't edit my post for some reason to include this update?

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