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    I just didn't feel happy with the above with the screws being so close to the cross members and reducing the size of the cross members so I think back to square one and to the screw on the outside and then I was thinking I can probably bring the 4th and put on the inside of the rails and then If I ever really need to use the hole bed including the small area the 4th take up I will just have to un bolt it but having it on the side means i could have some sort of locating plate that stays fixed to the machine to aid relocation on the motor end and then then the tail stock will need to slide anyway so that should be fine.

    if anyone has any comments or ideas I think I will go ahead and draw the final design.

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    Finally got myself a nice chop saw so I can start this build, it’s crazy how easy it goes through steel. I allso got my tig welder back sorted so quite excited :)

    As the need to have the machine built to do so work I have decided to not worry about the 4th axis at the moment and just do a more basic build and just get it done.

    One thing I do think may be useful was to have provisions to clamp long parts vertically so I have shortened the bed a bit to allow for this. I have to basic ideas to do the frame. the first is a lighter build using some smaller 50x50 box for the internal framing and the other uses all 100x100x5 box which I have stacks of but wondering if its just going to make it heavier than needs be for no real gain.

    one of the first jobs though is to clean the surface rust of all the box section in a big vinegar bath which is going to comprise of a length of 150mm plastic pipe.
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