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    Hi Wal,
    you have inspired me with your badges so i did something similar for a friend. Right now making a batch of 20. This was the test piece and has some minor flaws.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey Boyan,

    That's pretty cool man. How did you get the textured/sand-cast effect in the black areas..?

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    Nice pic that - and a very good looking guitar - plenty of inlay there to have kept you busy for a while..!

    To answer your questions - software wise I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Vectric Cut 2D/3D and (to a lesser extent) Cinema 4D for any 3D modelling I might need to do. I've been trying to get my head around Fusion 360 for a while, but my attempts have been false starts thus far - coming from the 'creative industries', for me it's hugely unintuitive to use - having said that, it has some very nice features that I'd love access to. Must try harder..!

    Tool wise I've pretty much always bought from APT here in the UK (Glasgow, though I'm pretty sure their tools are China made) but recently I bought a load of micro end-mills direct from China after being given a nudge by Elaine, a representative from Changzhou Haode Cutting Tools Co. I have to say that I am very impressed both with the quality of service and the tools (price and performance). You'll pay a bit more in postage (I paid around 20 on an order of approx 150) but if you buy bulk then it's neither here nor there - you'll almost definitely save on the cost of the tooling itself. I'm very much of the mind that I'll run my current stock of end-mills down and place a bulk order with these guys for a stack of my most commonly used sizes. As you can see from the pics below - I'm a bit of an end-mill magpie. I blame a childhood spent unprepared for most things...

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    If you're in the market then certainly give Elaine a shout and ask for a quote - her details: elainesummer -at- outlook -dot- com

    (Tell her I sent you and clearly, change the at and the dot to the usual symbols...)

    Here's a link to the company catalogue I've uploaded to my dropbox temporarily:

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    Hi Wal

    Thanks for the info. I was actually asking what cam software you use mach 3 / uccnc etc. I'll check out the chinese connection. How long (roughly ) do the cutters last out in pearl cutting?



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    Ah - Linux CNC.

    I can't give you a definitive answer re: tool life in pearl - the tools I used on the Chinese Lion job all lasted through wood and pearl so I went on to use them on the brass I cut at the weekend, then on a bit of aluminium... Still going strong after all that lot...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I find the 2 flute carbide tools work with most of what I cut..!

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    Thanks for that Wal.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Wal View Post
    Hey Boyan,

    That's pretty cool man. How did you get the textured/sand-cast effect in the black areas..?
    Thanks! I sandblasted the aluminum, painted it using 2 component base for epoxy and polyurethane, then coated 2 times with polyurethane. Then sanded various papers till 2000 grit. I think the base coat did that most of all.

    I am seriously considering using powder paint next time. I think that will be the most durable coating for the kind of badge i do.
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