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    I've always wanted to try the quality of the Chinese stuff given the prices and I finally managed to get one a bit cheaper from the UK.

    However, after noticing the table was taking up to 2mm to skim in had to investigate!

    I first noticed the the aluminium framing for the bed was siliconed to the stainless steel and then screwed down. That's fine.. however I'm sure the silicone was supposed to of been cured by now! It's like a mush under them so that couldn't of helped.

    Next I managed to get the stainless table off. As you would expect they glue pvc strips to the steel frame to be skimmed. I thought they would of done this with the machine. But it must of been near lunch time of a Friday, someone decided it would be a good idea to take a grinder to it to level the base!!

    Think I will also have to stick a centre support in there while it's all off

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    Radecal one?. Seen they had one like this and sold now.

    Price was good but for someone like with no technical knowledge I would of been lost.

    After all the tweaks your about to do I bet it will be one strong machine 8).

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    Sure is, 10 mins away from me, free transport so it was a no brainier. it will have servos all round eventually but need to get the table sorted first so I can make it produce some parts.

    The machine itself isn't bad, apart from the gantry has a 1mm shim at one end and poor facing where the gantry meets the sides. I will have to remove and skim both gantry and side and should be spot on.

    I'm getting a little shaking side to side on the gantry also but I'm putting that down the my pendant not being setup properly as it doesn't do it when jogging with the keys.

    I've had to get rid of that huge water table, it was causing vibration noise. So if anyone wants a stainless water table one here take it away it's about 30mm deep

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    Once complete you will have to post the finished product once you get a chance 8). Good luck.

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    Yeah I will mate, may be a while, like I say I need it to produce first. We maintain commercial swimming pools around the UK and have 2 sites that need to have the HDPE grating around the pool replaced, so should be a good test for it. First one wasn't too bad

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    . Looks smashing.

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