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    Just note that if motors are 2A then you'll need to configure current using the AM882 Tuning software as the DIP switch lowest setting is 2.8A. The Tuning software allows setting from 0.5A upto 8A in 0.1 increments.
    This will mean you'll require RS232 cable (serial)

    Think the reason why not in UK anymore is can't compete with China prices. Don't worry about buying from china I've bough 100s never had issue. But be aware you'll pay VAT and Shipping admin fee around 10-15. If you ask seller they will put low price on paper work which will help with vat.

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    Cheers Jazz - good tip on the current setting, as it will be in the order of 2A for series connected I think.

    Good info also on the Chinese supply. Are there any "well proven" Chinese suppliers you could name? Or do you go different each time?

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