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    Hi All

    Are there any members that have used ER20 collets and can recommend any makes/sellers?

    I have seen some on eBay one set from China 19.50 for a set of 13 and a set from Glostertooling 49.95 for a set of 12.

    I am a big believer in "you get what you pay for" so I assume the ones from china are not so good but what I don't want to do is pay more for a set and find that they are just a rebranded cheapo set.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  2. They are very likely to be re-branded. What you are paying for, is the ability to send them back and demand a replacement if they're not up to spec, and the (slim) possibility that someone has checked the item before dispatch.

  3. I got some ER25 collets from an eBay seller (onlineseller68).
    No complaints about the quality. Cost was about a 1/3 to a 1/4 of what I would pay from a local supplier for the same items from (probably) the same source.

    I've also bought some dial gauges from the same seller.
    My home

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    Thanks for the replies, so Bill I might as well risk the the Chinese ones and save myself a few quid if what Geoff has experienced is anything to go by I should be ok.


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    I think concentricity is part of the ER spec. I use the cheapies, only ever actually broken one, somehow I forgot to engage it in the nose properly :whistling:

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    Well I have ordered the ones from China so I will report back as and when they arrive



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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemsworthlad View Post
    Think he,s only ordered the collets Kip not the spindle? I think i,m going to be ordering 1 thou for my little experiment:exclaim:

    Yep your right Dean just the collets.

    I,ve bought loads of stuff from china and other asian countrys and to be honest the level of polite service and speed of delivery as been outstanding compared to what i,ve recieved in this country and the quality is just as good and in most cases they have been exactly the same stuff as advertised over here.

    Thats good to know,before I placed the order I had a look at his feedback and there were was some very positive comments and at the end of the day 26 inc postage if they turn out to be crap it's not the end of the world

    To be honest I,m starting to think dealers in this country dont want business, which I find strange in a resession!!
    Example: The other day I phoned a well known cnc trader that every 1 Arc`s on about:whistling:. . . . . I wanted to query a bit of info before I ordered nothing too taxing I would have thought for someone doing this for a living.
    I thought wrong. . . not a fuking clue. . . . no worries I said, I will find out from somebody else but can I order them anyway.. . . . . . "how many do u want". . . "3X steppers 3x drivers" I said (nearly 400. quids worth) .. . . . Pause. . . . "No, youll have to order them from the net" . . . WTF. . . ."why not" . . . . . "because it,s 5pm were shutting". . . . .Ok
    Thats good old british service for ye. . . . . . Twats.

    And that does not supprise me, when I have had stuff from the USA the level of service has been outstanding compared to some companys in the UK anyway time will tell as I said earlier I will post when thy arrive.



    (That's not worked how I thought it would :confused:)

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