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    Well as you all probably guessed i got the free water table off D-man and picked it up last weekend.
    It rained so was unable to cut it up till sunday after the family had gone.
    A few piccys below.

    Many thanks to D-man who would not accept any payment for the table and very much appreciated.

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    Measured the table to suit my table and got the plasma out and cut it into approximately half and the biggest bit was used to include a lip to be bent.
    The left over piece is just a nice size for me to build the under table down draft system once the water table is sorted.

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    I cut the table in the back garden on the stones but dont tell the missus......i dont think she will see the mark left....

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    The hardest bit is bending the bugger into shape.....too big for my home made bender so i had to resort to neanderthal methods.....

    Out came the hammers, clamps and earmuffs....

    two hours later and this is how far i have got...but i will be back in there tomorrow hopefully..

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    Going to get my masons chisel and hopefully tighten the bend and possibly it needs shrinking where i have hammered it too much and caused ripples.

    A bit of TIG and hopefully a nice new(ish) water table......will post updates as i go along.

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    Good work mate, glad you had a use for it

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    Got the table bent and welded together......not too keen on my welds as its the first time i have done stainless TIG.

    Had a few test goes then straight into deep end........Should of had a few days practising but hey that,s me..

    Welded the steel square ready for the straight pieces and lats but leaving that until another day....hopefully tomorrow.

    Tried welding the holes in but that was a bit sh111tty too say the least so i will leave that bit until i have had a few more practises plus i need to watch a few videos as the settings i used were just the basic ones out of the manual and they kept burning through as seen in photo.

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    Well just been doing some research and when i think about it , the holes where already there and being used so why don't i just Blind PoP rivet them.....

    Any thoughts on this please?

    Cheers Tommy

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    Slowly getting there..........needs some more slats but what i have will do for now.

    Also slots need widening as i have to slightly hammer slats in and they are getting marked....just ordered some slightly thicker disc so we see had that goes.

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