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    Hello everyone. Totally new to the cnc world and engineering in general. I'm looking to get into very small scale production of furniture starting with plans from https://www.opendesk.cc/
    I'm interested in understanding how I can do this and whether it's going to be possible to start something without robbing a bank to make larger items.

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    Hi Paul I am a CNC machinist familiar with Opendesk products I am based in Birmingham I am sure I can help you at a reasonable cost.
    Email me on robgibcnc@gmail.com if you wish to discuss. Thanks, Rob

  3. Hey Paul, you must visit the machinesroom in london https://machinesroom.co.uk/
    They sometimes manufacture furniture on behalf of opendesk and would be the best way for you to get introduced to the whole thing. Go to a free visit on the open days. You don't need to invest in a big machinery to start with, you can become a member of that or another shared workshop or get someone to cut your designs for you

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