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    I was wondering what people have been using as a NEMA23 mount to use with the BK12/BF12 bearing blocks.

    One option is the ready made MBA12-C that accepts an FK12 for the fixed side.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Has anyone come up with an alternative of their own? The NEMA23 centerline is at 28.2mm, the BK12/BF12 axis is at 25mm. Therefore all that is needed is a way for the motor to sit 3.2mm below the plane on which the BK12/BF12 are fixed.
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    Just to be clear, this mostly applies to a custom Z axis.

    X & Y will usually have their own end plates in place where a motor can be mounted appropriately.
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    When my ballscrews come I'll tell you lol ;)

    I bought these

    and need to mount it to this style mounting bracket

    according to the drawings there is a 14mm difference between the centre of my nema 23 mount and the centre of the BK12/BF12 bearing blocks.

    Luckily I found a piece of scrap tool aluminium that's been milled flat to 14mm from a commercial printer so I intend to cut it down to make "spacers" for the bearing blocks from solid tool aluminium which should align perfectly.

    I might have enough spare pieces to make a few spacers if you're stuck send us a PM.
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