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    Just out of interest I had something new the other day on aliexpress...

    I went to make a purchase and it got blocked, I had been flagged for what I assume was a random check where I needed to upload ID, bank card and a copy of the bank statement associated with the card. Before doing so I checked up on the process and it seems like it is a legitimate thing they do - just bizarre that after all the thousands I've spent over the years on aliexpress I suddenly get flagged on a 50 dollar transaction using the same payment card as usual.

    Anyhoo - if anyone else ever gets that, it's worth noting that you can block out info on the photos/statements/ID such as all but the last 4 numbers and expiry date on the card, your picture on the ID etc before sending it on. I wouldn't have been happy about sending a picture of my bank card and ID without being able to censor that info first.

    Robin - not a bad idea for online transactions in general I suppose, especially those where they store the card info for repeat billing. Not so concerned with one off transactions with proper payment providers, though shopping with a credit card is generally a good idea for the extra protections it brings.
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    I have had no problems with MasterCard.
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    Card failed trying to buy something for $2 the other day, after spending over $1000 the week before -_-
    Think it is more to do with our bank security rather than Aliexpress.

    I like the idea of using one of them topup cards though. I trust Ali now but other things that might be better.
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