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    Thanks for the advice Hanermo2!
    What do you suggest me to do ?
    Hola to Sevilla ,Malaga,Barchelona....I can't recall other cities I have visited,it's been a long time.

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    Hi nickofen !
    *Everything* depends on your goals ..
    and capacity and productivity depend on rigidity above all else.

    I could cut about 0.1-0.2 mm deep with a typical setup, using a 50 mm wide 4 insert apkt facemill.
    (12" Lathe, upgraded ac servo spindle 2.5 kW continuous.)
    I built a modular vice using 4 pieces of 50x100-300 mm solid tool steel billets, cross-drilled for 16 mm hardened industrial grade 12.8 bolts.
    Vice took 3-4 days to do, and the 4 parts mass == 50 kg.

    I could then cut the same piece, about 200x200x80 mm, with 3.4 mm deep cuts at double the rpm.
    The difference in productivity is about 10:1 - 20:1.

    I donīt think there is a "right" answer, but vastly bigger and heavier and thicker is usually the right choice for *everything* in lathes and mills and routers.

    They deliver about 20x the performance, typically for 100-150€ more in steel costs and 2 days extra work in assembly work and fitup, per assy.

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