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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    The only thing the 72v ps is supplying is the drives so what has the 1mm wiring got to do with it. Also 1mm cable can carry in the region of 10A
    Hi Clive S,

    yes that is exactly the point.
    Normally the current will not go past that, my 1mm2 will only carry power to 1 driver.

    Until something goes wrong that is.

    When a short happens on a transformer it is capable of more current.
    It might smoke my 1mm2 panel wiring i believe.
    But maybe the rectifier will blow out first.

    In my line of work the secundary fuses also match the spec of the panel wiring.

    So i think a secundary fuse might be a good idea.

    While is was looking up data on my particular transformer, the datasheet mentions the precense a TCO in the primary windings... so transformer thermal overload is sorted.

    Can't find any specific data on max fault current though..
    Maybe it can be calculated ... not my field of expertise.

    Grtz Bert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickhofen View Post
    Hi Bert
    Thanks for the reply.

    The relays that the card has onboard are charachterized as ''signal relays that should never used as power relays, they are intended to convey signals such as fwd and reverse to a VFD ...However please take care , as the contact of these relays can carry a max current of 0.5 amp at 120V AC or 1 amp at 24V dc.The user must use an external relay if the load requirements of the device will exceed the current rating.''

    This is why i mention the external relay connection.
    To answer the other question you put, I want to connect the maximum I can on this card ,water pump , air nozzle etc.

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    I am going for this configuration because my previus cnc was wired like that, if there is a better way of course I prefer it.

    You are speaking about traveling proximity switches, right?

    Nick.[/QUOTE]Hi Nick,

    Ask/look around for the multi channel relay boards.

    For the proximity switches.

    You have the inputs for it... so why not

    Grtz Bert.

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