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    I have some PoKeys devices for sale. I bought these for a project but have since gone in a different direction and they're not being used.

    In case you don't know, these units are motion controllers compatible with Mach3 and Mach4. I've tested them under both and they seem to work very well.

    PoKeys 57CNC: 130 inc. postage
    This unit has been powered up and tested but never actually used in a machine. Immaculate condition.

    PoKeys 57E: 60 inc. postage
    Ethernet motion controller. This has had a bit of use for testing. In very good condition.

    PoKeys OC16: 14 inc. postage
    Provides 16 additional outputs capable of driving 24V relays. Tested but never used.

    PoKeys ExtBus 16 CNC: 14 inc. postage
    Allows up to 8 motors to be driven by Step and Direction @ up to 125kHz. Never used.

    If you'd like to buy the lot I'd be happy to sell it for 200 in.c postage
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