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    Hi to all on here.

    UK based..

    I am new to CNC but done lots of reading and researching.

    Glad I found this great forum.

    I am looking around at what is around and if I build or buy ready built CNC router. (Time and money permitting if work doesn't get in the way)

    I have some engineering skills with my own metal and wood lathe in a very small workshop..oh and a 40w Chinese laser. (Converted to smoothie)

    So look forward to getting to know and do loads of searching before asking as I guess many of the newbie questions will have already been asked and answered before.. 😃

    Steep learning curve on what software and what interface boards used to control all the steppers.

    My head is ready to explode so I may need to slow down a little..

  2. Welcome from another newbie.

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