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    Just wondering if anyone has seen any pre drawn cnc parts like ball screws, bearing supports motors mounts ect ect or seen them on net any were to save a lot of time when drawing stuff up? I managed to find some hiwin rails on grabcad but that's about it, there doesn't seam to be a hole lot of fusion stuff but plenty of solid works.

    if not perhaps we could start a library of parts on here?

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    The import function works brilliantly in my experience and will accept most common formats.

    Grabcad have lots of parts and you can happily download e.g. a solidworks assembly and import into fusion.

    The manufacturers also sometimes have 3d models of the parts/components in question available to download.
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    ok thanks I will have to look in to how to import other files my fusion skills are still rather basic and not got to that stage yet, i had a paly before but could figure it out properly so you could edit them, i think i was importing them as a stl.

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    woohoo think I managed to import something! struggled for a while but turning off and on sorted it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieuk View Post
    woohoo think I managed to import something! struggled for a while but turning off and on sorted it lol
    grabcad, traceparts and hiwin.de are where I get my stuff from. Download as IGES or STEP and then upload them to Fusion. The A360 platform will convert it to a readable fusion format and then you drag them in to the assembly you want.

    Getting things to line up in fusion is a different issue.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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