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    I stand looking at the short side of my router. Gantry runs left to right in front of me. Does it still make sense to say that the long axis is X?

    Sorry cocked up the quote.

    This is why i ignored A_cameras post trying to slate me and 35 years in the sector. It seems years in the sector means nothing to a home, self taught user who has learn't from forums, YouTube and the Internet. Pretty disrespectful to be honest. And as i stated it's generally accepted the X axis is longest axis of out the two omitting Z on a standard 3 axis configuration This is the industry standard A_ Camera.. accept it or not. I'm giving you the benefit of my knowledge... you are not teaching me anything I don't already know. There are the odd few machines out there where the other way around but they are very few and far between, it's often to a more square table configuration and a technical reason why it's reversed rather than by preference, those very few machines where this applies is often due to an a slightly different configuration or machine design.

    A _Camera this is not pie in the sky. It's fact from being in more workshops than you are probably ever likely to be in or see, being around more machines and styles than you probably know exist, from machine 30 odd years old to the most modern 5 axis Dmg mori. Go check Hurco, Mazak, Feeler, Dugard, Bridgeport. XYZ machine tools, Matchmaker, Haas, Matsuura. Dah lih to name but a few.

    The rest of the post where you tried slating me I don't think I'm going to even bother with because i don't actually believe you are that dumb, I think points scoring was your actual objective, or you really didn't read the post properly which i find hard to believe as reading your blog and some post here you are are fairly articulate.

    The bottom line is, no matter what you think or what makes sense to you A_Camera this is what industry does take it or leave it. Have you ever hard of the phrase. ' industry standard'? It's called that for a reason.
    I think your only problem is that you don't understand what I am saying or don't want to understand. This happens maybe because I am not a native English speaker, maybe because you feel so much aggression, maybe something else, I am not going to analyze your problem with it. As an effort to clear this misunderstanding, here is a drawing of how my machine is configured.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now, please tell me this is NOT the industry standard and I'll change. But if you do that I would like you to explain what is wrong, not just by telling me that you have been 35 years in business, because that is not enough. I have also 40 years in engineering, even though not machining, but had to deal a lot with X, Y Z charts and other axis related issues all my adult life (and even before that).

    But, as Neale said above the post which pissed you off...

    People seem to have strong opinions on this, but as long as you know which is which and setup work accordingly, it doesn't really matter.
    ...or as m_c is saying a few posts below:

    For direction, you have to think about the cutter moving in relation to the workpiece.

    On a moving gantry machine (i.e. typical router), Y+ the gantry moves away from you, and X+ the spindle moves to the right.
    On a moving table machine (i.e. typical mill), Y+ the table moves towards you, and X+ the table moves to the left.
    Of course, you can beat your chest as much as you like, but I think, if you REALLY think about what I am saying then you should agree with me, because as I said, my X and Y matches every CAD/CAM software I gave seen so far, so even if it is not according to your standards, it seems to be according to theirs (and according to others in this thread) because I have absolutely no issues running any standard G code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A_Camera View Post
    It's not about which is the longest axis, it's about orientation. The one parallel with your belly is the X, the one moving AWAY from your belly is Y and the one moving towards your head from your feet is the Z.
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    I didn't read all of the replies,but your Y axis is backwards. If X+ is to the right, then Y+ moves towards your wall in the back.
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    There is only one right way to do it. There is a certain rule how to find the coordinates in a Cartesian system and if not learned right you can make a very BIG Mistake on a machining centre or when you have more than the 3 axis. Take that 5 min effort to learn things right.
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