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    Hi there, I have a problem with the Y axis on my 6040 machine, i'm machining a square as a test and each time the gantry moves to the Y it's out of position be 0.3302mm and this accumulates each time.
    Can anyone shed some light on what the problem could be ?
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    Are you using mach3? If yes you, can calibrate your axis thru mach3 program.

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    Yes i am using mach3 and have calibrated the axis over 300mm of travel, it repeats pretty much bang on

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    I am one of those people that does not believe in using Mach3 calibration - if you can't calculate the settings and get it right, then you might be covering up a more serious problem. But I'm probably in a minority here...

    Back to the original problem - can you describe a bit more exactly what you are doing? Given that you are quoting dimensions to .0001mm, I'm guessing that you are taking these figures from the Mach3 DRO?

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    No, it's the conversion from an imperial dti that's all

  6. How many steps does that distance work out as?
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    To be perfectly honest I have no idea, is there a way to work that out

  8. What's your step/unit setting?
    And are you using metric or imperial?
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    I'm using metric and the step per rev is set to 320 the same as the X axis

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    I should just add the velocity is set to 1500 and the acceleration 400
    Both step Pulse and step direct are set to 5

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