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    I was looking at a Kompass machine myself (albeit I needed something bigger than the 3040 format) and came to the conclusion that it was decent value for money. My questions were answered very quickly by Jan Dudas at CauCau, so no complaints there. In the end, I decided that I wanted linear rails rather than supported round rails and readjusted my budget and manufacturer accordingly (to AccTek). I was also considering an OmioCNC machine but was put off by the stories of poor customer service. Shame, because the machines look well specified. My decision to buy a Chinese machine was based on value for money for the given specification, but the cost of shipping, VAT, duty and delivery to the UK (the machine I'm looking weighs over 200kg) adds about 50% to the manufacturers price.


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    Thanks for that Chris. AccTek make some very mice machines.

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