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    Well Steve came by today and dropped the errant shuttle off, packing up tonight and picked the shuttle up off the bench and under it was a £20 note, I mean what can you say to a deed like this ? here's me taking the piss and this guy drops a serious drink.

    Cheers Steve.

    John S -

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    Now I'm shuttle-less life just is not as easy, talking to John about the Shuttle Pro V1 that I have and the fact that it won't work and he said let ME have a word with artsoft as he had to call them about something else yesterday evening.

    Sent John an email last night about 10 o'clock with all the details of the shuttle and he rang me just after lunch to tell me there is now an updated driver on the Artsoft website! How is that for service..!

    Just downloaded it, plugged the Shuttle Pro in and hey presto, works like a dream!

    Nice one John, just proves that its not what you know, its who you know! But then what you do know does come in handy as well from time to time..

    So I may have a spare brand new shuttle express which I ordered a couple of days ago that needs a good home if anyone is interested. Its not arrived yet but should be here anyday.

    Thanks again John.

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    Have you forgotten our little convo last night steve ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Have you forgotten our little convo last night steve ?
    errrrr...... yes!

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    Fine then its over...

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