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    Hi all,

    been thinking about it for a while now and just need the extra push to get this on the road. My C5 ground ballscrews have arrived today so I can finally finish the CNC kits for the EMV-25VBB mills.

    Many of us have been drooling over the Clearpath servo motors that basically give you the benefits of a high end servo system but are exact matches for the Nema23 or 34 stepper frames.

    The benefit for those looking to improve their machine or build a machine to a high spec are obviously clear. For those looking to go down the hybrid servo (stepper with encoder) route then with just a wee bit more money you could have an infintely better machine. The driver is integrated so when you get the motor there is only the cost of the cables and the powersupply to go for extra.

    So what I would like to hear is if there is enough interest here for a group buy of motors.

    I have a spreadsheet that shows UK delivered pricing in the works. This will include the VAT obviously. Delivery to countries outside of the UK will be at cost and paypal will attract a fee of 4%

    My personal choice is the CPM-SDSK-2331S-RLN would cost approximatetly 409 each (I will be buying 3 of these shortly)

    The higher torque but longer version is the CPM-SDSK-2341S-RLN/ would cost approximatetly 449 each

    If you are interested please respond below.



    Videos for your info:

    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Imo, AC servos are about the same price, and far superior to the Clearpath servos.
    The Clearpaths still suffere from the same issue as steppers.
    A torque curve that falls off as rpm's increase, and limited resolution.
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