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  1. Cheers lads some good info there, hoping to have it connected to a pc this evening, like I say im mainly using it for engraving plastic and fibreglass sheets. What is a vfd? I have seen a few spindles for sale which have some sort of pcb stating mach 3 controlled or something to that description

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    I just bought a 2.2kw spindle and it arrived today I fitted it into the spindle mount (80mm you would need to buy new spindle mount and modify your machine to fit) and then weighed them both and it weighed 6.5kg's I would think that a 1.5kw would be far too heavy for your machine.

    It's making me rethink my gantry and I have a lot chunkier aluminium than yours has in the first place.

    I would go with the 500w spindle linked earlier if I were you as it seems more in range what your machine can handle and a drop in replacement. My first CNC build WIP 120cm*80cm

    If you didn't buy it from China the company you bought it from did ;)

  3. cheers desertboy, my head is in the shed now lol not sure which to buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravihotwok View Post
    If I were you I would just play with it as is for a week or 2 and see how you get on it will give you a better idea of what you want from it and then make a decision. I've found many many times in my life a rushed purchase as a band aid to a problem just cost you 3 times! 1st time when you buy it, 2nd time a cheap hack to try and fix it, 3rd time you buy the thing you should have in the first place. My first CNC build WIP 120cm*80cm

    If you didn't buy it from China the company you bought it from did ;)

  5. very good advice and above all common sense lol. Just a bit worried ive bought a lemon here, paid 430 delivered for this machine, its only going to be doing light work as I am a composite specialist so it will be engraving plates I have fabricated my self. The material surface is usually pretty soft, but can be abrasive. My colegue managed to get the machine connected up and moving off the arrow keys last night but unable to get the mach 3 to do anything. Going to have another go later today

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravihotwok View Post
    You can't buy that one, as I said earlier.

    1.) That one is a 65mm diameter and you have a 52mm diameter holder. Your Z is far too weak and small for that one, in my opinion it is not worth the effort of necessary modification.
    2.) That spindle requires a VFD, and considering you asked above "what is a VFD?" I think the challenge of making it work will be too much for you. VFD = Variable Frequency Drive. Google for the details you want to know.

    Just like I mentioned earlier, I think you should get a DC motor which is more powerful than the 200W which comes with your kit. I linked to a 500W, it is a motor with 52mm diameter and you can just simply replace your existing motor with this one. If the power supply is strong enough you can use the one you have, but if not then you may need to buy a stronger one.

    The last option is to do nothing now, just learn how to use your machine, learn what you like and don't like in it and act accordingly. Maybe you are happy with it as it is, maybe you will want to buy or build a completely new one which is more rigid and more powerful. Don't underestimate plastic or fibre glass. Even those benefit from better machines or spindles.

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  8. Cheers A,

    wasnt disregarding your advice mate, just was a bit hasty in looking for a solution as I was just a bit worried about this machine being a lemon. I will save the motor you have recommended, Will probably end up getting that but first will learn how to get the pc communicating with the machine and actually working. Is there anywhere I can find out the definition of various cutting tools and their main purposes eg a tool for engraving, a tool for milling etc. Are you all starting to realise just how novice I actually am lol Shoot me now

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    I think this is the best you can fit into your motor holder. I think your 200W motor is 52mm, so this one can be used unmodified. I used a 400W for about two years, it worked well for me, but don't expect miracles. Plastic and PCB or similar soft materials are OK, but anything harder will be difficult.
    Cheers mate, on this motor it says there is a speed governor? do I simply disregard this and wire the motor in as the old motor was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravihotwok View Post
    Cheers mate, on this motor it says there is a speed governor? do I simply disregard this and wire the motor in as the old motor was?
    The speed governor is this unit:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You could disregard it and just wire the motor as the present one, but if the power supply, or the controller box you have in your machine is not capable of handling this motor then you will need this box. My guess is that the controller box in your kit not going to be enough, so I think you better off using this box.

    BTW, you will not need the spindle holder, so you could try to contact the seller and see if he can send the motor without the spindle holder or you could try to find another motor without the holder. I just posted the link as an example to show what you may use without modification.
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