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    Hi, Received my 6040 a couple of weeks ago via Germany. There are a few things to iron out but have managed to cut some wood! The machine arrived in one box fully assembled apart from stepper motors. On unpacking found the machine was on its side. I am using USBCNC (Planet).*800 watt spindle The main issue at the moment is with the spindle clamps. I noticed that the spindle was not at right angles to the z axis. I undid the clamp bolts but found that the spindle was jammed. After releasing the other two bolts the spindle came free. The top clamp appears ok however the holes in the bottom clamp are out of line it looks as though during manufacture the drill has wandered offcourse? (hopefully drawing attached) The top clamp holes are threaded? I can only assume that during assembly the bottom clamp was fitted first and as it was out of line force was used to bolt on the top clamp cutting the thread. I have been in touch with the vendor but I dont think he agrees with my thoughts. A learned opinion from one of the forum members would be very much appreciated.
    Right from the start the X axis has been very noisy plus vibrating particularly on start and stop. increase the feed rate and during traverse it's acceptable. Slow feed rate and it's horrendous. Removed from machine and bench tested and no change. Connected it to the Y axis cable on the bench and it was ok. Suspect driver issues? I have been in touch with the vendor and he wants a video. Anyway comments on the clamp issue would be appreciated.

    many thanks
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