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    Just a question do i need to bolt the machine to the floor ? do i need to put rubber between the bottom of the legs and the floor to have the less vibrations?
    No. No need to bolt the machine to the floor I have mine on castors but when it is in place I lift it off the floor on wooden blocks otherwise it would walk about.
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    Like Clive, my machine sits on wooden pads under each of the adjustable feet, which can be lifted to make use of the castors. The plan was to make the machine mobile so I can pull it away from the wall if I needed to work on long lengths of material. Wood or hard rubber (like the commercial adjustable feet) are fine.

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    just a question

    the supported round rails ( not hiwin etc)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    those carts how many kg can they carry , because my gantry is becoming very heavy.

    My rails are the SBR 20
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    i got a lot of work done this weekend

    the machine has finaly got the rails mounted and they run very smooth
    the gantry rails mounted
    everything is welded and made grinded for paint
    next weekend i will paint the machine

    then i need to move the machine on its right place level

    mount the r&p, the motor's, drivers etc so a lot of work but i am very happy with the result so far

    a couple of my friends where shocked to see this
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It starts to look very nice. There is something in that metal structures that i like...
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    its still a lot of work but i hope everything will work out very good.

    is this the best set for the machine?

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    there will be a lot of replies that say "68V PSU and AM882 drivers." I agree - you are building a good machine so don't spoil it by using under-powered motors. Those motors themselves would be fine but they will really deliver better performance at a higher voltage and drivers to match.

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    SO 68V PSU and AM882 drivers is the better opion then?

    the steppermotor's are they ok and i can mount them directly to the rack&pinion ?

    or do i need to use a gearbox of some sort?

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