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    Try turning the jog rate down (velocity) on the faulty axis

    When you move in X it runs at full speed

    When you move diagonally it will run at a lower X speed to maintain the same diagonal speed. Clearly this works ok so turning X speed down will do the same and it should then be ok

    Obviously this is just to get you working. For some reason the driver or wiring is not happy with the pulse rate required for the X axis velocity you are tuned to.

    Do you have an oscilloscope? You can check the pulses and see where the dropout is happening. If not check all terminals are tight and make a good connection .

    Also that acceleration rate is very low. This is not related to your problem but that will get annoying when you are trying to get into position

    Good video by the way that really helped
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    This may or not help but following on from what has been noted try having a hairdryer set on cold to blow air over the driver chips to see if it is over heating.
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  3. tried the jog speed but no difference
    just got the hair dryer out lol

  4. Hair dryer idea also not success :-(

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    It could be anything from the crappy plugs at the back, broken signal cable to faulty driver.

    Be patient inquisitive and buy yourself a multi meter to check continuity.

    1. Open the box and ensure all connections are connected right. Especially DIR and STEP signals to the drive
    2. Ensure all is soldered well and plugs especially
    3. Swap cables and make sure that the cable is OK. Check motor and the cable to motor connection.
    4. read particular motor driver documentation and see if some adjustment there is not wrong.

    Anyway, if are persistent you will find the problem and demonstrate it to them. So no need of sending anything back.

    There are not so many things that could go wrong, so just take your time. Its board, cable to drive, drive, cable to motor. Thats it. One of these is wrong.

    And yes, buying Chinese boards and searching support from the original maker does not make sense. Buy a board from him and then seek help there :-)
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  6. The seller has responded and offered to pay half towards a new control box, im currently looking at the planet cnc control box, has anyone used this box? Main reason for choosing this is for their support. But I dont know if it is overpriced or even if it is anygood?

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    Comments from a novice who in the last couple of weeks has learnt not to trust what you see with regard to wiring etc. I agree with Boyan that checking continuity with a multimeter is a must. In my case my stepper motor wires are colour coded red/green/yellow/blue. I found that the wires in the plugs that go into the back of the control box do not follow the colour code. i.e. the blue wire in the plug that connects to the stepper motor ends up as the yellow wire in the plug that goes onto the circuit board.?
    Not uncommon apparently to have poorly crimped connections.I had a wire fall out of a plug.
    I also had issues inputting the correct parameters into "settings" / "axes 2" To be fair the vendor did mail me with some figures.
    Don't know if that helps but it's a very steep learning curve!!

    Bob S.

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    I answered you in private, but for the benefit of others.

    for that money and less i will buy:

    DDCSV1 offline controller + 3-4x AM822 drives +PSU with proper voltage for the motors.


    CSMIO 4 axis + 3-4x AM822 drives +PSU with proper voltage for the motors.


    All in one Leadshine MX4660 4-Axis Stepper Drive or the MX3660 3 axis combo +PSU



    In that particular order, as my personal preference. But if anyone that sees all too complicated then preference goes to all in one solutions. Mach3 is needed for all but first and last solution. Then one day if you decide on a bigger machine, all electronics -PSU will be ready.
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  9. is there a similar alternative so I can use the planet cnc software a I have just purchased the license?

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    Its said many times in the forum : DO NOT BUY before you know what you are doing.

    Anyway, you can buy their board and buys separately better drives for the motors and make the box.

    There is also the which people report is a very nice solution. They have all components also. Ethernet connection, which is better than USB.

    I have a feeling you are going to make some other mistake, so why dont you stop, take a minute and start from point 0. Buy a multi meter and check connections. Whats the hurry? I also was in you situation with my first machine and it took me some time to figure whats happening.
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