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  1. not currently but I have a parrallel card I can install if needed, just seems another waste if I have already paid the money to have the planet cnc license

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    If you look here #336 Andrew is donating some pc's with PP for the cost of the postage I believe.

    Boyan I don't believe Mach3 is crap there are many many thousands of people using it and it is well supported by fellow members etc.

    Its just my opinion. For me it is crap. Now. Not at the moment when was useful as there were not many solutions. I had a cracked copy of it and i went and payed full license. To help them develop it. I have invested additional 100euros in plugins for Mach3. have 2 dedicated PCs to run it. So after all that if i say its crap, then that should tell anyone Now/ not before 5 years/ there is a reason to avoid it. If you dont have a special machine that needs it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravihotwok View Post
    not currently but I have a parrallel card I can install if needed, just seems another waste if I have already paid the money to have the planet cnc license
    What if its the drive, not the board? Dont be in a rush to buy
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  5. Right chaps, im down the workshop armed with a multi meter. Can you direct me on what to do now lol

  6. There is something defo wrong with this board, Ive tried other cables etc and same result. Had the multimeter out and found the following out.

    when you apply a jog to the y axis, all 4 pins outs (2 yellow and 2 red) rise to 12.9v and hold

    When you do the x it rises to 13 then nothing except one stays on 26???

  7. So I think this was the problem with my box.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  8. I have decided to take the plunge and give up with this control box, as much as everyone have been helpful I'm just so out of my comfort zone with my lack of knowledge, it is easier to just buy a pre-spec'd box and assemble myself. I have no problem what so ever putting things together, its just going to take a bit of time learning what each part of a box/cnc setup does, going to be a steep learning curve but a fun one.

    I will start a build thread for anyone interested on how I get on with certain modifications I am making (adding limit switches, new spindle install, extraction system, custom bed, dust barriers, etc)

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    Look forward to following the build log. Best of luck with it.

  10. Thanks chris mate :-)

    Will start a thread and put the link in my sig

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