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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
    As my new machine is now basically up and running, its time to sell my trusty Denford Triac. I also need the space, otherwise Id hold onto the Denford as a backup machine. Most of the bits on Thor have been milled on this Denford (apart from the large Z Axis setup). Below is an example of something that was milled on this machine.

    Ill take some pics of the machine over the weekend, some of my vids showing the machine running are on my utoob channel here -

    The machine has been converted to single phase and has the full 8 tool ATC, full flood coolant and comes with around 12 BT30 of various shapes and sizes as well as a number of collets.

    This is a full servo machine running on a CS Labs controller which is probably the most expensive / desirable 'DIY' solution available. I will include a full working PC and screen to ensure that you have Mach 3 setup and working as it should be. The Mach 3 install will be a demo (500 line limit, you can apply a license at your leisure).

    The DC Spindle motor has also been replaced and currently runs a Panasonic 1.5 KW Servo motor via belt to the existing spindle. The working RPM range is now a bit higher (around 4500 rpm) and you have the ability to be able to thread or similar with a highly accurate servo spindle and the addition of a threading module / encoder.

    The Good:-

    Upgraded, modernised, running on Mach 3.
    Single Phase
    Servos all round
    Full Flood Coolant
    The mill is on installed castor wheels and can be moved easily. Weight is around 400kg, so fairly easy to load / move
    Comes with a number of BT30 tools, ready to machine

    The Bad:-

    Wiring is not tidy. Ive been meaning to sort this out, the CS Labs / Control side is fairly neat. The right side where the servos are is not.
    The ATC macro works however it is not optimal, I can provide more detail to any interested parties.
    The 'operators control panel' was not finished. I created a simple wood structure to hold the keyboard / mouse, E Stop, Feed override switches - this works but has not been finished.
    I need to retune the axis drives, I dont believe I did this properly when I installed the drives however this is fairly straight forward.

    A fair amount of money was spent on the original purchase and subsequent conversion using fairly high end components.

    To transport the mill you will either need something like a van with a hoist or something with a tail lift (400kg lift or so). I have an engine hoist however this may not be able to raise it high enough.

    PM me if you would like to chat about the mill. These are popular and can be used for a number of material types (I have milled mild steel on it).

    Price - 5500 including PC (You will need to provide licensing for Mach 3 / Windows XP).

    Is it still available ?
    If so is it possble to send it by spedition company or only self picking up?
    Thanks for info,

  3. Still available. Both are options however only once payment has been made.


  4. If anyone wants to discuss the option of breaking the Denford, please speak to me.

    There is value in me keeping the CS Labs controller and some bits considering that the controller itself is now over 700. I would consider different options, not sure if this is viable or not or worth doing, let me know your thoughts please.

    Perhaps removal of the CS Labs / Servos and allow someone to install cheaper steppers etc? Removal of the expensive spindle servo setup (which I can use elsehwhere) .... not sure.

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    Hi Chaz whats the z height on this machine, nose to table? I can find the it for the older but not this model

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Benja View Post
    Hi Chaz whats the z height on this machine, nose to table? I can find the it for the older but not this model

    Ill need to double check, machine is currently not powered / connected.

    Ill try and find the details, something in the back of my mind suggests 200-250mm, but need to verify.

  7. Actually - not a bad guess. 235mm according to this manual.

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    Thanks that sounds like it might be ok.
    Maybe you are underselling this machine Chaz. I'm interested, and on paper it sounds like it could be a great machine.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Benja View Post
    Thanks that sounds like it might be ok.
    Maybe you are underselling this machine Chaz. I'm interested, and on paper it sounds like it could be a great machine.
    Thanks, why do you think I am underselling? PM me if you want to discuss further.

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    Hi Chaz, sounds like the machine I am looking for. Can you call me on 07737515305 (I'm not a validated user on here yet)? Cheers, Chris

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