1. Hi All.

    I have a bunch of Intel Atom based ITX motherboards / systems that will be coming up for sale shortly.

    Some may be just a bare ITX motherboards, and others may be full ITX system without hard drive (due to data protection).

    As these boards are Intel Atom they are not rocket ships, will happily run Windows XP or Windows 7 with extra RAM.

    All of the motherboards have a minimum of the following ports: SATA, PCI, PS/2, RS232, LPT, USB, LAN, Audio, VGA.

    As said above the complete units will not come with a hard drive due to data protection, so you will need to add your own.

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF.

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2

    Intel Desktop Board D410PT

    Intel Desktop Board D2500HN

    Intel Desktop Board D525MW

    I don't have prices at this point in time, but I can not see them being very much.

    I just wanted to give people the heads-up before I start listing them for sale and putting them on eBay.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.
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    Thanks for letting us know Mr Professor, I could be intrested myself as I have two atom based systems here doing some jobs.

    I'm looking to put a pfSense box together shortly so could very well use one of yours :)

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    Atom boards are normally more than good enough for running a machine. If they have a parallel port they're usually good for Mach or LinuxCNC. Even without a parallel port, they're still good for running Mach with an external motion controller.

    I've got one sat on the shelf loaded with windows 8 Pro for when I get around to the new control panel for my mill. I think I might upgrade it to Win10 before I use it though, as having bought a Win10 tablet, I'm finding Win10 far better to use than Win8.
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  4. I have just updated my original post with few example pictures of the ITX systems.

    I will be testing each of the motherboards / systems, updating them to the latest bios, and running memtest, etc.
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  5. If anyone is interested please feel free to check out my eBay listings.
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