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    Hi Chaz,

    Sorry Ive been busy. Yes you can use those details apart from the landline number, I'm hard to get on the landline as everyone uses the mobile these days. You can try me this evening at about 8 to 9 pm or pm me your number and i can call you... Take a look at the cutwell pro X and i think its pro A. There really is not one tool will do it all for the materials. The Alphas are really the wrong tool to be considering ally with. The pro x are a fantastic tool, these things really cut! They do the smaller pro A which i think would be more suitable... the rest i will cover on the phone later on


    Thanks. Will PM you my number. Appreciated.

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    These are all Chinese cutters available from Aliexpress. I have a couple and work nice, though mainly i use the aluminum inserts. In fact 99% of the insert cutters are rebranded Chinese ones, except in the case that is own production.

    Another thing is that you could easily machine and produce a cutter like this up to your specification. Its not a big deal if not complicated surfacing heads. I am talking about the simple cutters.
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