Hi all

Nice to be here, I look forward to learning a lot, and as my experience grows maybe helping others

The reason for this post is that I am looking for someone around the Plymouth / Devon area that is Stepper Motor knowledgeable, also maybe a bit of servo motor use and control as I am unsure exactly what would be best for the functions I need to achieve

I am a mechanical engineer (retired) and can handle the build part of making the actual robotics structures easily, in fact the build and construction of the machine is already well planned and advanced, I am just a bit (a lot) fuzzy on the best way to automate them, and I am getting a little bit thin on a timescale for building the prototype electrics / electronics

The very basics of the project I want to achieve is the movement and control of robotic style functions rather than cnc machining, although I understand that the control basics are the same

The project will involve simple Robotics, Remote control of the functions (either by computer programme, wi fi, bluetooth or hard wired and buttons) for between 1 and 20 different robots, help in specifications and build and programming would be excellent

At the moment this is only to construct 1 prototype, but if it works as we want, and as our client wants, then it could lead to either part time or full time job offer.

For helping me out at this prototype stage I can't afford a lot of cash, but everything is negotiable, either cash, or even for nothing up front but a share in the business if this comes off like I expect it to

Please contact me through my profile

Thanks and hope to hear from you