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    Seem to be getting somewhere with the 12mm ply cutting after carrying out everyone's suggestions + tightening a slightly slack gantry. Thanks for everyone's help.

    Feed 20mm/s
    Speed 15,000rpm
    3mm, two flute up cutter on 2mm deep passes
    Mach3: Velocity 2500 and acceleration 500

    I'm not getting the F/S issue of cutting corners i had before and neither is the cutter or timber burnt.
    I am however still getting a furry edge, the block of wood was lightly sanded to get rid of the burr edge so they are not so prominent in this image.

    I'm going to invest in a 3.175mm down cut and compression cutter to see where those results take me. At the moment i'm only intending to cut smaller parts and perhaps some cabinet doors at a later stage when I upgrade the gantry and whole machine to R&P.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    To get rid of the fuzzy top edge, use a downcut bit, and do NOT climb cut.
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