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    untill today i thought my Mah3 was a full version but after a update its showing demo
    Copy your license file back into the Mach3 folder, as Mach3 licenses are not legally transferable if you didn't buy a license you don't have one -

    - Nick
    If you will not be swayed by logic or experience simply pick the idea you
    like best, but ask yourself why you sought advice in the first place and,
    for a simple life, perhaps consider not doing so in future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-m View Post
    I had a quiet day went and wired electronics, I have used a KK01 BoB, CWD556 drivers, a UC100 motion control ( but bloody thing keeps dropping out no blue light) I have used 3 of the windings on origional transformer I built a couple of rectifiers to drive the E-Stop and limits through a couple of relays

    Just waiting for some 9 pin breakout boards to connect to origional motors But all powers

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    hi. I have a same bob but linked with UC300. I 'm very interest about your electronic system, could you post a diagram wiring with the list components?
    I encounter a lot of difficulties to begin a wiring

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