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    I'll have a gander and check it out I've worked out this is running enough when on 0 amps to anodise how I want at 2.5 hours for smaller parts

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    Couple more bits rattled off getting some consistency now I've got the mounting to the rack setup rite. Have to say this power supply ain't bad tbh. I've ordered a small 30 w 5 amp unit off the bay that's reviewed well as a permanent fixture for the smaller setup as the fusion units coming to the big boy tank. All my amp issues were purely down to how I was attaching the parts ( not enough contact ) in the end ally mig wire 0.8mm wound into coils and pushed tight into the holes has worked perfectly for what I'm doing

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    I was attaching my parts using 1mm titanium wire , drill in part somewhere where is not seen 1mm hole and using pliers push the wire. Never had contact problems. I believe it's one of the best way to avoid contact problems when anodizing
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    I've started using 0.8 mig wire and making coils into holes or make a big coil inside the tube since then I've had no issues

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    Does anyone have a rough estimate for pH ideals of electrolyte solution ? I've read between 1 and 2 but getting 0 on my meter

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