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    Just getting to grips with my machine and it is finally obeying my instructions.

    Please can someone advise me of the possible cause of torn fibres when engraving text. By torn fibres I mean that all round the text the wood is frayed and making it almost impossible to see what the text is. I was using a 90 degree pointed router bit from my normal router set. Router speed was around 16 - 20000.
    Not sure if the bit, speed or both causing this problem, appreciate your thoughts


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    I'm certainly not a wood expert, but some types of wood will be worse than others - what are you cutting?

    If using a v-point then it just needs to be as sharp as possible, if using endmills then downcut can be useful for a clean edge assuming you can evacuate the chips effectively.

    I assume you've tried just giving it a once over with some fine sand paper to de-burr the edges?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeflyboy View Post
    I'm certainly not a wood expert, but some types of wood will be worse than others - what are you cutting?
    Thanks for the info. I'm cutting MDF and a bit of Iroko (think that is how it is spelled)

    I have lots of bit hanging around, looks like a trial and error format is called for.

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    With MDF, the quality of the MDF, and the sharpness of the bit, will make a big difference.
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